Jetson Alpha L Go-Kart and Hoverboard Combo


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The Jetson Alpha L Go-Kart and Hoverboard Combo fuses high performance with adventure. Designed with Jetson’s own unique lava flow technique, the back of the Alpha L’s illuminated seat utilizes the full-color spectrum to create an amazing light effect. Combined with the light-up extreme-terrain tires of the included hoverboard and you have a ride that’s memorable. If that doesn’t have them notice you coming, the Alpha L combo’s Bluetooth speaker announces you with your favorite tracks. A sporty 500-watt motor that has a top speed of 9 mph will get you where you need to be fast, while a maximum range of 12 miles allows you to do plenty of exploring and roaming on a single charge. Ride it as a Go-Kart or just enjoy it as a standalone hoverboard. The recommended age for the Jetson Alpa L Hoverboard and Kart combo I ages 12 and up.


  • Lava LED tech brings the full-color spectrum to your ride
  • Get where you need to be fast with a top speed of 9 mph
  • Max range 12 miles
  • Explore and adventure all on a single charge
  • Combo Pack: Ride as a Go-Kart or as a standalone hoverboard
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Max Speed
Up to 9 mph
Max Range
Up to 12 miles
Climbing Angle
Up to 15 degrees
Product Weight
32.5 lbs
Weight Limit
220 lbs
500W dual hub motor (250W X 2)
25.2V, 4.0AH Lithiuim-ion battery
UL 2272
UL Certified
Charging Time
Up to 4 hours
Product Dimensions (L x W x H)
24.4” × 7.7” × 7.4”


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