Aqara Smart Hub M2 Smart Home Bridge


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Get the Aqara Smart Hub M2 Smart Home Bridge and forget about turning your devices on and off manually. It can be done automatically with the Aqara Hub M2 and the Aqara Home app.


  • 360° Infrared Control: Control your existing IR devices such as fans, air conditioners, TVs from any part of your room by voice and via home automations (indoor use only).
  • Ethernet RJ45 Port & USB Power: Wired connection via Ethernet RJ45 for extra stability and lower response time. More flexible installation with USB power (power bank with pass-through charging is advised).
  • Home Automation and Alarm System: Works with all Aqara devices to create a comprehensive, smart home automation system. The Aqara Hub M2 is equipped with a built-in speaker that can be used in a variety of ways: security alerts, doorbell, alarm clock, and configurable ringtones (Aqara child devices are required).
  • All-Round Compatibility: The Aqara Hub M2 makes your Aqara devices compatible with a wide range of smart home ecosystems and voice assistants. Apple HomeKit, Google Assistants, Alexa, IFTTT and more are supported. In addition, If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us. * Note: Not all Aqara child devices are compatible with all platforms. Please see details for each device

NOTE: Aqara Hub M2 requires a secured 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi network connection. One Aqara Hub M2 can connect up to 128 Aqara devices (Zigbee repeaters required). Zigbee 3.0 Support, supports all the latest Aqara devices based on the fastest, most stable, and energy-efficient technology.

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Product Model:




Product Dimensions:

100.5×30.75mm (φ3.95×1.21 in.)

Input Power:

5V-1A or 5V-2A

Wireless Protocols:

Wi-Fi iEEE 802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHz, Zigbee 3.0 iEEE 802.15.4, BLE 5.0


USB-A, USB Micro-A, RJ45

Operating Temperature:

5°C~+50°C (23°F~122°F)

Operating Humidity:

0~95% RH, no condensation


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