Fire Gone Fire Suppressant (without bracket)

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Fire Gone™ Fire Suppressant is a wonderful alternative to traditional fire extinguishers because the discharge time is much faster which helps reduce loss of life and property. It is a trigger style aerosol which, once activated, releases a powerful foam blanket on the ignited material to suppress fire. Fire Gone™ Fire Suppressant utilizes a formula that has been researched and developed for over 20 years, resulting in a revolutionary way to extinguish small fires safely and rapidly.


  • Safe on class A, B & C fires
  • Delivers a strong targeted stream of fire-fighting foam
  • Not for sale in California
  • 16oz aerosol

Class A – Wood Straw, Hay, Cotton, Tires, Fabric, Paper
Class B – Gasoline/Diesel, Fuels
Class C – Electrical Equipment Fires
Class K – Grease, Cooking Oils, Animal Fats, Vegetable Fats

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  • Easy to use trigger spray design
  • Environmentally safe, non-toxic foam assures fast clean up
  • Ideal for office, kitchen, home, auto, and garage use


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